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BioKimia offers an approach to the different themes for Actinidia.

For the strengthening of defense strategies, Bio Project ID 0.9 and Bio Project MT 0.9 bio activators for plants’ recovery in the presence of both biotic and abiotic stress.

Their use, according to a custom plan, increases the resistance to attacks of PSA and PSV (Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae and Pseudomonas viridiflava) botrytis and phytophagous Phythophtora spp.

In the case of soil-related problems, it is recommend Bio Project MT 1.0 Soil, a probiotic for the radical environment.

To improve and have a more regular buds emission at vegetative awakening, it is recommend Bio Project SM Top bio activator that can boost cell division.

The association with Seaweedgrow PK 15-32 enhances this action and prepares for flowering, producing more abundant and better fruit setting and also a better fruit swelling.

For the fruit growth phase, we recommend associations of foliar products aimed to synthesizing and transferring dry matter to the fruit, a guarantee of higher quality but at the same time of high hardness of the fruit, as Powerful Wall that quickly transfers activated calcium and magnesium to the fruit thanks to fulvic and humic acids, Phytoammina 22MgO or Protoplant 22 MgO maintains high levels of photosynthesis and avoids yellowing while Manganese Plus supplies the culture with manganese, crucial element for the metabolic function of actinidia and for the quality of the fruit.

Phytoammina 12-6-30 and Phytoammina 3-5-50 are recommended to obtain fruit of satisfactory size (120 g), without losing consistency. In fertigation we recommend the products of the Fulvicfert Line, where the mineral elements are activated by fulvic acids. In order to increase the activity of the micro organisms of the soils and stimulate and develop root system and the up taking of the nutrients, it is advisable to add Active Radical, a mix of different organic substances or Bio Project SM Zn in fertigation.

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