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The soil fertilization

Biokimia provides the best solutions to increase the physical, chemical and microbiological fertility of cultivated soils.
The land is the heritage of every farm and it has to be respected, protected and cared

It is therefore necessary not to spray excessive amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium minerals but to increase as much as possible the vitality microorganisms of the soil already present thanks to equilibrium treatments.
Biokimia supports farms to achieve this: the safeguarding of the cultivated soil.

Plant nutrition

Biokimia provides the best solutions for plant nutrition considering its physiology through the knowledge of the best ways to assimilation of the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

These elements will bring the maximum benefits only if uptaked and metabolized in the shortest time possible  with best energy saving, for the advantage of the production of new tissues in the roots, in the vegetative and reproductive apparatus.

We must add the organic substances capable to fit in the fastest way possible in the general plant metabolism, they enhances the chlorophyllian activity, the production of dry matter, the build of better vegetative and reproductive tissues. This will result in higher yield and better quality.


Biokimia guarantees a better performance of the plants reducing the environmental impact thanks to the high use efficiency  of our own special fertilisers.


Biokimia deals with the plant medicine in order to know and understand the plant physiology and it acts in a preventive and/ or curative way to improve their health.


The biokimia offer is
Bio Project Line bio activators of the plant immune system
- Bio Project ID 0.9

- Bio Project IR Free
- Bio Project MT 0.9
- Bio Project MT 1.0 Soil
- Bio Project SM Zn
- Bio Project SM TOP


Promoters and activators of the plant metabolism based on solid seaweed extract
- Alga Micron
- SeaweedGrow PK 15-32

Promoters and activators of plant metabolism enriched by amino acids from hydrolized animal or vegetable tissues .

Some allowed in Organic Farming
- Active Global Plant
- Alga Stim
- Amin-Cu L.
- Phytoammina Line
- VivaPlant
- Active Radical
- Emo-Global L.
- Amino 8 L.


Promoters and activators of plant metabolism enriched by fulvic acids
- Foliar: PlantaStim, PlantaGrow, Fruit Grow, K Force
- Meso and micro: Calcio Plus, Magnesium Plus, Powerful Wall, Fulvic Rame, Ferro Plus, Manganese Plus, Zinco Plus, Fertigemma PS)
- Fertigating: FulvicFert Line


Special fertilisers for foliar application:
- Phos Ram
- FoliarCombi Micro
- FoliarCombi Bio
- Molibdato di Sodio 39% Mo
- Protect Sun/Powder of rock
- Stronger Wall


Special fertilisers for fertigation system:
- Soil Bomber
- Fosforo Terreno NP 8-30 + 4Zn L.
- Soilammina 555 L.
- Microsol Line (600, 680, 940, Microsol Bio L.)
- Easyfert Line
- Waterfert Line
- Acidfert Line
- Kalium Plus
- Nitro-Mag


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