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BioKimia offers for the strawberry crop a protocol suitable for different production areas realities (fresh plants or refrigerated plants) but always aimed to at obtain higher hyield and fruits with high quality value.

Given the growing need to obtain a production low or zero pesticide residue , we recommend to include in the defense strategy Bio Project ID 0.9 and Bio Project MT 0.9 bio activators capable to support plants in both biotic and abiotic stress condition. Their use according to a personalized plan increases the resistance to attacks of the typical fungal pathogens of strawberry such as powdery mildew and botrytis.

In areas Where frequent attacks of Phythophtora spp. occur, we recommend that Bio Project MT 1.0 Soil, probiotic for the radical environment. It enhances root mass, the absorption of water and of the nutrients. Bio Project MT 1.0 Soil reduce the risk of the deseases that attack the collar, the conductor tissues (interruption sap flow) and the root system.
We recommend by foliar application use of the Bio Project SM Top to promote vegetative growth, always maintaining high tissue consistency and avoiding the constitution of an excessive vegetative mass. Bio Project SM Top is a plant metabolism activator that boost cell division.

At beginning at each flowering, Seaweedgrow PK 15-32 is recommended both by foliar application and by fertigation system to achieve the fruit setting and the best fruit growth.

We suggest to spray by foliar application Powerful Wall (calcium and magnesium activated by fulvic acids) during strawberry blossoming and the fruit growth stage to increase consistency of reproductive tissues and the resistance at the handling.

About fertigation protocols, we recommend the Fulvicfert Line, where the mineral elements are activated by fulvic acids.
In order to enhance the vitality of the soil, decrease the negative effects of salinity and stimulate radical development even in the presence of adversity, we recommend to add Vivaplant by fertigation system after the transplant and during flowering phases, while Active Radical and Bio Project SM Zn are suitable for all other stages of plant growth and fruit growth.



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